Saudi International Conference for Environmental Technology, 2012
The vision of the Kingdom in terms of environmental technology is:

To achieve sustainable environmental development through the evolution and transfer of advanced environmental technologies, in order to save the environment and reinforce its natural resources.

Climate change and environmental pollution are considered to be the most important environmental issues in the world today. They need to be studied carefully and fully understood. International attention has focused in recent years on the relationship between the world’s rapid development and the correlating environmental problems. The scale of development seen in last few decades cannot continue at its current pace due to diminishing natural resources resources and the diverse impact on environmental ecosystem. This is why the future vision of environmental technology in the Kingdom was formed to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology is organizing an event by bringing together outstanding environmental technology professionals from around the world for the Saudi International Conference for Environmental Technology, 2012.

The experts and participants will review the latest developments in environmental technology across several different fields, such as waste, soil contamination, methods of treatment, air quality, climate change impacts and solutions, in addition to discussing the many strategic issues of environmental technology of particular interest to the Kingdom.

The Conference will present numerous papers to discuss the above topics.  
The Conference is considered to be an international forum for ecologists and those interested in environmental issues. It will be held in the Conference Building at the KACST main headquarters on King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Road in Riyadh, from Sunday to Tuesday, 22-24 Jumada II 1433 H, corresponding to 13 to 15 May 2012.