The Conference will review the most up-to-date environmental technology applications in several important strategic areas.
The Conference aims to host large gathering of researchers, investors, decision makers and those interested in developing environmental technology. It's hoped that the work presented in this event will facilitate achieving the priorities of the National Strategy for Environmental Technology.
National Center for Environmental Technology

The National Center for Environmental Technology (NCET) at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is one of the main centers for environmental research in the Kingdom. Scientists at the center investigates a range of environmental issues affecting the Kingdom’s environment The investigation covers several research areas including: waste, pollution, air quality and the deterioration of natural resources. It’s hoped that through developing advanced environmental technologies, the Kingdom can sustain its development in an environmentally friendly manner.

The National Center for Environmental Technology (NCET) at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, aims to establish an advanced environmental technology industry and to promote the competitive ability of the Kingdom in the global environmental technology market. The center will also join the international community's efforts to protect the environment and advance sustainable environmental development.

The strategic objectives of NCET have been identified in line with national policy objectives for science and technology, and with the national priorities of the Kingdom. The strategic objectives include:


 To establish infrastructure for environmental technology development.
 To transfer and develop high-quality environmental technologies to address the environmental issues at a national level.
 To promote research and development in the field of environmental technology.
 To contribute to the establishment of developed environmental technology industries in support of the national economy.
 To develop strategic partnerships at both national and international levels.
 To provide scientific advice on environmental technologies.